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Each chapter begins with noted scripture verses to read from the Bible in relation to the context of each chapter. The following is a true story, as narrated through the eyes of a black English Labrador retriever named Chert, whose purpose is revealed in this story. In his own words, throughout his fourteen years of life, Chert Dog comments that “. . . doghead is pretty easy to learn, you just have to speak from your heart.”

This velvety black, with chocolate accents, English Labrador retriever came into my father’s life a few months after the unexpected death of my mother. It touches on the Slovak ethnic background of our family, hence his name Chert, which means devil! He shares his triumphs and escapades as well as his life’s mission.

With a “doghead” slant on wisdom and his purpose, the story’s main theme is about the power of unconditional love and forgiveness.

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My Father’s Greatest Gift – L.D. Marchell

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