About L.D. Marchell


Reading, writing, life coaching, art, photography, dance, and piano fill my life and have all continued to be my passion. I have composed copyrighted music entitled C-13 Sonata, which has seven movements and is posted on YouTube together with original artwork, photography and a few family photos in my parent’s memory. My photography has enlightened Cat Fancy’s desk calendar with my beloved Maine coon named Sylvester, whose silly somersaulting abilities can be seen on YouTube. I have been published in More Than Survivors newsletter, took part in the Institute of Children’s Literature Program, and am featured in TUT.COM as a blog contributor regarding love and my near-death experience. My Father’s Greatest Gift is my first book with Chert, a black English Labrador retriever as the narrator of the story. The sequel, “Chert Dog’s Greatest Gift,” is in the beginning stages.

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